Dairy Crest Solar Farm EIA Screening Opinion

As mentioned at the recent meeting of Davidstow Parish Council, Lightsource BP have made a request for a screening opinion pursuant to the Town and Country (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 for a 5MW solar farm at Dairy Crest, Blacka Lane, Davidstow, Camelford PL32 9XW.

The proposed solar farm will occupy two separate fields, both forming part of the Dairy Crest holding and are located in its immediate context.

3 Replies to “Dairy Crest Solar Farm EIA Screening Opinion”

  1. Cornwall Council’s planning department decided pretty swiftly that no Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA for short) would be required for the proposed solar PV “farm” on Davidstow Moor.

    1. It seems a shame that DC has such a prominent position in the first place .
      As the factory spoils the views across davidstow Moor and the solar farm will only add to the visual impact. Light pollution is another issue . Is it really necessary to have spotlights on all night?.
      Surely round Bodmin Moor should be protected a bit.

      1. Hi Justin,

        The full application for the Saputo (as DC is now called) solar “farm” has been going through the Cornwall Council planning process for quite a while now. See:


        It was also discussed at the last Davidstow “virtual” Parish Council meeting:


        The PC decided to support the application, subject to the imposition of a variety of conditions including adequate hedge planting as screening. However surely the “light pollution” you mention has been a problem from long before the solar farm was proposed? If it does get built do you expect things to get even worse?

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