Gardening on the Moor by Carolina Langthorne

Your mobile in the garden!    I have often thought that young people seem so attached to their mobile phones that they barely notice a thing about their surroundings, but recently I have discovered that those mobile phones are just the next best thing to sliced bread in the garden! And, no, I haven’t lost my mind! The thing is, a smartphone is brilliant for all of the other things they do, rather than their use as an actual phone!

First of all, you can take pictures with them. Now this is excellent when, in August, you are standing in front of a bush or tree in full leaf and flower… come February, when you are looking at the barren branches, you will be wondering which twigs to prune…a photo is a perfect reminder and guide to ensure successful pruning. Or when you stand in front of a plant with a nasty case of insect damage, you will be in the shop next looking at the back of that product that lists the creepy crawlies that it will deal with and you are wondering, “what did it look like again?” Or you want to explain to that very knowledgeable person in the Garden Centre what you want their excellent advice on… really a picture tells a thousand words! Moreover, your mobile will have some ‘note pad’ function, when you are in the garden you often think something like, next time I am out in the garden section of a shop we will need X. By the time you will be in the house X has slipped out of your mind and the next time you are in the shop, you either haven’t got “that” shopping list with you or standing there thinking “now what was it again we needed…”

If your phone is connected to the internet, you have even better options than all of the above, because you can Google or YouTube it and you will have answers in front of your nose as fast as you can type the question into your device!

To say that it has changed the way in which I garden is an understatement!! But now for the very most important function on the device when gardening…the Silent Mode!

This will increase your gardening pleasure and you will still be able to read your texts when you want a short break from doing something heavy, like digging!


Carolina Langthorne farms Higher Penhale, just over the cattle grid on the left hand side heading for Altarnun with a roadside stall selling produce

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