New Building at the Dairy Crest Waste Water Treatment Plant!

Dairy Crest have sent Cornwall Council a hybrid planning application comprising full planning permission for proposed upgrades to their existing creamery/factory, together with outline planning permission for proposed new buildings in relation to the waste water treatment plant, with all matters reserved. The address quoted on the application (ref: PA19/01034) is Dairy Crest, Blacka Lane, Davidstow, Camelford PL32 9XW

Given the assorted odours emanating on a regular basis from Dairy Crest’s existing waste water treatment plant I strongly suspect that Davidstow Parish Council and the Davidstow Residents Action Group will want to begin discussions with the Council in the very near future!

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  1. After the rain from Storm Freya had mostly finished Kasia and I took a blustery walk across the fields to Treworra as dusk descended. En route me met some sheep. We did our very best to give them a wide berth, but whilst the lambs decided they’d like to play with us their mums made it quite clear that our presence was not welcome! We quickly ascended the stile over the next wall:

    Despite the strong wind (or perhaps because of it?) there was a noticeable whiff in the air as we headed towards the road from Treworra Barton.

  2. After partying heavily the night before it was lunchtime before I ventured out of doors for the first time today. There was a much stronger whiff in the air than last Sunday!

    Following the advice of Laura from the Davidstow Residents Action Group (DRAG for short) I called the Environment Agency 24/7 incident line on 0800 807060. The EA recommended “calling in” future problems as soon as possible, in case one of their officers is already in the area.

    When asked how I rated this incident on a scale from 1 (faint) to 6 (feeling physically sick) I offered a rating of 4.

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