The Covid-19 Holiday Season in Cornwall

The school summer holiday season is drawing to a close, and August Bank Holiday is almost upon us. Matt Hancock was one of many hundreds of thousands to travel down here from up country earlier this month:

The effect on Covid-19 cases here in North Cornwall is all too evident. The Camelford and Davidstow area is now in the top category for cases:

However we are still a long way behind Newquay East, which today broke the 2,000 cases per 100,000 people per week barrier:

Here once again is the “heat map” showing the age distribution of cases across Cornwall as a whole for the current wave of Covid-19:

The upper limit on the 7 day “rolling rate” legend really requires updating. In the 15-19 age group the rate has now reached 5,080.6. For 20-24 year olds it is 2,419.4.

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  1. An alternative form of Great British staycation was visible off the North Cornwall coast yesterday, in the form of the P&O cruise liner Britannia:

  2. At the start of the bank holiday weekend the Government has announced that:

    From Friday 27 August additional support will be deployed to some local authorities in the South West of England.

    Following the latest review of COVID-19 data, additional support will be deployed to Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Plymouth and Torbay local authority areas in response to a rise in COVID-19 cases in the area.

    The decision has been made in partnership with local authorities and is based on the latest data and local insights. Targeted additional support will be provided in response to the growth of COVID-19 cases in the region, while NHS pressures and the number of cases and deaths will be carefully monitored.

    The package includes:

    • logistical support to maximise vaccine and testing uptake
    • further help for local public health campaigns
    • temporary use of face coverings in communal areas outside classrooms in secondary schools and colleges
    • increased surveillance using multiple methods to monitor the situation.

    This additional support will be in place for five weeks from Friday 27 August to allow for targeted local action. Pupils will return to school from next week as planned.

    Local residents and visitors to the areas are urged to remain cautious and follow the national guidance, including to get vaccinated, wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport, meet outdoors where possible, let fresh air into homes or other enclosed spaces, and consider minimising the number, proximity and duration of social interactions.

    According to Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid:

    While vaccines have tipped the odds in our favour, we have to keep listening to the data. To control the spread of the virus we’re working closely with local authorities and the directors of public health in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Plymouth and Torbay, supporting the great work that’s already underway, to make sure testing is widely available and as many people as possible are protected by the vaccine.

    I would urge anyone whether they live in, work in or are just visiting these beautiful areas, to test regularly and make sure you come forward for your jab at the earliest opportunity.

    According to Andy Virr, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Adults and Public Health:

    We support the move to designate Cornwall an ERA. Cornwall and the South West continue to see rising case numbers due to the relaxation of restrictions, the ease with which the Delta variant can spread, and soaring visitor numbers.

    This comes at a time when the health and social care system is under considerable pressure, so we welcome any extra support that might help reduce case numbers and ease that burden.

    We would also urge anyone thinking of visiting Cornwall to book ahead and test regularly before they make the journey down. If you test positive or have Covid symptoms, please postpone your trip.

  3. Covid-19 has reached Davidstow in 2021.

    A local resident attended the recent Boardmasters festival in Newquay. According to the BBC:

    More than 4,000 Covid cases could have links to a music and surfing festival, with more expected in the coming days.

    Cornwall Council said 4,700 cases may be linked to the Boardmasters event between 11 and 15 August.

    About 50,000 people attended the festival in and around Newquay, which now has the three neighbourhoods with the highest infection rates in England.

    Cornwall’s public health team said: “We won’t know the complete picture for another few days.”

    About 800 of those positive cases are people who live in Cornwall.

    At least two of those live in the parish of Davidstow, since the festival goer’s mother subsequently felt really rough for a few days and tested positive for Covid-19 despite having previously received the requisite two vaccinations.

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